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January 4, 2014. The New Year sees an update for year end 2013. There will be no updates gonig forward.

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demoPharma Revolution Recalibrated, Pharmaceutical Executive, November 2011


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July 1, 2013

All Indexes Updated - End June 2013



Well, you had to try hard not to gain market capitalization in 2013. The market in general boomed and all of the indexes increases substantially, no less than 52%.


Welcome to The Pharmanumbers Goup

We are Drug Delivery specialists with a focus on understanding new products and markets to ensure an optimal fit. Our services range from consulting and resource help (Pharmanumbers), to industry analysis and reports (Bionumbers).


Pharmanumbers provides companies with consulting and resource help. Our clients cover the full spectrum of biopharma companies, from start-ups to companies that are commercially successful and profitable. We provide hands on support and resources in the areas of business and corporate development, with a focus on new product planning, sales and profitability forecasting, as well as deal term development and evaluation.


Bionumbers prepares industry analyses and reports that go beyond the expected to uncover the key parameters and factors impacting product development success and prfitability. Our most recent report DDEP2011, analyzes the Drug Delivery business from the perspective of pipeline success rates, clinical development times and a number of commercial sucess parameters such as sales, prescriptions, and market exclusivity periods. These are the numbers that companies and investors need to understand if they hope to develop profitable new products that meet budgets and timelines.

Looking for the Bionumbers Market Cap Index? You can find it at the Bionumbers Index tab.